​          Non U.S Passport Holders ​   ​​                   Please include copy of​​  your                                permanent resident card or ​​​                                 original I-94 with a copy of                                              your U.S visa

​Note: Russian Consulates require an online visa application. Once online application is completed, you will then print and sign. If you are not able to complete online form, for an additional fee, Visas Int'l will assist you with the online visa application 

 ​1. Valid and signed passport 

       Passport must have at least 6 months validity or more from the day of return from the trip. Passport must be signed

2. Completed on-line visa application.

    completed fully,nothing left blank, printed and signed. Once you click on the following link, you will be taken   

       to the Russian evisa  site. Once there, first click on Registration. After registering, you will be issued a

                                                            Declarant ID and Password. 

              Please copy and paste and save this important information and forward it to us


                                Click here for online application:
3. Two (2) passport sized photographs    (2inch x 2inch, white background.) They must have been taken recently, six (6) months or less.  
     We recommend using a professional photographer to avoid delays. You can choose to submit digitized photos to us via email:                                                                         (in subject line list travelers first and last names).
                                           Additional $10 Photo Printing FEE will be added to your request.
       NOTE: Photos must be high resolution, clear, and provide proper contrast and white background for it to be accepted by the consulate.

4. Tourist Confirmation/Voucher :

     (Call our office to discuss  or if you need help obtaining this requirement)

    from a hosting authorized Russian travel agency or a hotel, registered with the Russian Ministry of Foreign                              

    affairs and a voucher from your hotel or travel agency in Russia.         

5. Proof residence (Copy of State issued I.D or drivers license.

     Contact us if you do not  have one of these

6. Company business letter 

   Must be on your company letter head  and have original (​Click here for Sample)​​​​


7. Invitation Letter  organization your visiting is responsible for obtaining the invitation. Must be on letterhead,

                                 igned and must include company seal. A copy, faxed or emailed is acceptable.

8. Visas International Work Order Form​ (Click here)