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 Republic of Pakistan

          Non U.S Passport Holders ​   ​
Please include copy of
​         your permanent resident card or ​
​          original I-94 with a copy of your 
​                            U.S visa

                                                   ​ Tourist and Business Visa Requirements

​​1.  Valid passport​     

     Valid Passport and one photocopy of first page (must be valid at least for 6 months from travelling date).

​​2.​  Completed on-line visa application. Completed printed and signed.​                                

​3.  Two passport sized photos

     (2inch x 2inch, white background)

4. Consular fee for the US citizens:

     Visa fee for US passport is $120.00. For other countries please find the FEE.  The Fee should be in the form of Money      

     Order or Cashier’s Checks made payable to Consulate of Pakistan Houston. CASH AND PERSONAL CHECKS ARE NOT                            ACCEPTABLE. 

​5. ​ Business Visa:

     A letter of invitation and a letter from the sponsoring company are required. 

     Company business letter 

       Must be on your company letterhead  and have original stating:

​​     Purpose of trip, length of stay and guarantee of sufficient funds and return transportation

​7.  Visas International Work Order Form (Click here)


Additional Information

Student Visa:
A visa can only be issued after approval of the Ministry of Education & the Ministry of Interior Government of Pakistan.

NGO Representatives Visa:
The visa can only be issued after the approval of the Ministry of Interior Government of Pakistan. We regret that we cannot make an exception to this condition.

Journalist Visa:
The visa will be issued only on presentation of letter from the sponsoring publication and in consultation with our Press Attaché based in Embassy of Pakistan Washington D.C.

Issuance of Pakistani Visa to Indian passport holders

  • Valid Passport.

  • Submit 6 copies of filled in visa forms.

  • 6 photocopies of passport (do not send original passport).

  • Notarized copy of proof of legal resident status in USA.

  • 6 photographs.

  • Invitation letter from Pakistan along with copy of passport or CNIC/NICOP.

  • $5 Visa fee.