Peoples Republic of China

Tourist and Business Visa Requirements

1. Valid passport​

     Must have at least 6 months of validity past the date of completion of your trip. Must contain at least 2    blank passport visa pages    

​​2.​ Completed on-line visa application. Completed printed and signed.

                                                    Click here for online application

                          Note: Must be completed in all CAPITAL LETTERS, nothing left blank, use N/A instead.​

                          Note this application is not an editable application.Once you print and save, you will not be able to edit.    

                                                                                                You will have to fill out again . 

​                 We recommend calling our office to review before sending to as not to delay your application process​

3. One passport sized photo

      (2inch x 2inch, white background)

4.  Copy of flight itinerary  

      from airline or travel agency 

​   Copy of Hotel booking reservations

      from Hotel or travel agency ​

5. Proof residence

     (Copy of State issued I.D or drivers license. )

6. Company business letter (​Click here for Sample)

   Must be on your company letterhead  and have original

Business visa applicants, must include the following

7. Invitation Letter   Organization you're visiting is responsible for obtaining the invitation. Must be a government of    

                                                      China approved invitation. Invite will have an official  seal. A copy, faxed or emailed is acceptable.

8. Visas International Work Order Form (Click here)