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Visas International is a passport and visa service expediter and does not issue visas or passports.  Visas International takes no responsibility for the services rendered by the U.S. Passport Issuing Agencies, and Consulates or Embassies issuing visas.


All information and prices are subject to change without notice.  Visas International takes no responsibility for delays or loss of passports as may occur through the services above mentioned or any other official government agency not listed, the U.S. Mail or by guaranteeed delivery services such as: UPS, Federal Express, DHL, Airborne and the U.S. Postal Express Mail or other similar services, damage compensation for errors omissions or any other reason that is not available.  Visas International does not take responsibility for information provided by the client in connection with applications for passports and/or  visas.  This disclaimer applies to all instructions and information on this website.


Visas International reserves the right to refund for services not rendered and cannot and will not refund payments made to the consulates or passport service agencies.