Peoples Republic of China

          Non U.S Passport Holders ​   ​
Please include copy of
​         your permanent resident card or ​
​          original I-94 with a copy of your 
​                            U.S visa

                                                   ​ Tourist and Business Visa Requirements

​​1. Valid passport​

     Must have at least 6 months of validity past the date of completion of your trip. Must contain at least 2 blank visa  pages

​​2.​ Completed on-line visa application. Completed printed and signed.

                                                                        Click here for online application​

                          Note: Must be completed in all CAPITAL LETTERS, nothing left blank, use N/A instead.​​

                          Note this application is not an editable application.Once you print and save, you will not be able to edit.    

                                                                        You will have to fill out again . 

​    We recommend calling our office to review before sending to as not to delay your application process​

​3. One passport sized photo

      (2inch x 2inch, white background)

​4.  Copy of flight itinerary  

      from airline or travel agency 

​    Copy of Hotel booking reservations

      from Hotel or travel agency ​


​5. Company business letter (​Click here for Sample)  (BUSINESS ONLY)

    Must be on your company letterhead  and have original

​​    Business visa applicants, must include the following

​6.​  Invitation Letter  (BUSINESS ONLY) 

     Organization you're visiting is responsible for obtaining the invitation. Must be a government of    

     China approved invitation. Invite will have an official  seal. A copy, faxed or emailed is acceptable.

​8. Visas International Work Order Form  (Click here)