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          Non U.S Passport Holders ​   ​
Please include copy of
​         your permanent resident card or ​
​          original I-94 with a copy of your 
​                            U.S visa

                                                   ​ Tourist and Business Visa Requirements

1. Valid passport​​                                                                                                                                                                                    Must have at least 6 months of validity past the date of completion of your trip. Must contain at least 2 blank visa  pages

​​2.​ Completed Visa Application. Completed printed and signed.​                                           

​3. One passport sized photo

      (2inch x 2inch, white background)

​4.  Copy of flight itinerary  

      from airline or travel agency 

​    Copy of Hotel booking reservations

      from Hotel or travel agency ​

5.  For business visa: you will need supporting documentation such as a letterhead from your company and/or invitation from Cambodia and along with all above requirements

6. Visas International Work Order Form (Click here)